How it works & Pricing

Your initial 4D motion®
lab gait & biomechanical analysis

Once an appointment is made, to avoid wasting precious assessment time with the writing out of medical histories, I encourage you to pop anything injury, illness and surgery-related that’s happened over your lifetime into an email – anything you remember that hurt or made you feel bad – even if you don’t think it’s anything to do with the problem that’s brought you to me. Small things in delicate places are equally as important as big things in big places (obviously big things in small places are VERY important!!). Everything is connected to everything else (as you’ll discover) so any background you can give me will be helpful (however insignificant it seems to you – even a sprained ankle when you were e.g. 6 years old). Your efforts enable me to prepare before you arrive and we’ll get more from your time with me.

On the day, the bulk of the session is taken up with assessment and analysis. Data-driven, cohesive thought-processes then generate the most effective movement drills to effect biomechanical change – differences that are tested before you leave to make sure they’ve created positive change. Your part in the process is to relax, enjoy the process and then commit to perform the drills at least daily as movement ‘homework’. Only you can do this part of the process, so you should embark on this ‘unravelling journey’ when you know you feel ready to take control.

All drills are filmed and sent to you via Phydeo, which enables big files to be sent as an email link without the need for account log-ins. Phydeo holds each video for six months, after which it will disappear. If you want to keep any videos, please download them to your computer.

With the magic lying in the detail, and focus diminishing after a handful of reps, each drill should take just a few minutes. Little and often works better and faster when the brain and body get together to create change.



An understandably common question is ‘how many times will I need to come back?’ which of course is an impossible question to answer as I haven’t met you yet. What I can say with total transparency is that you and I will both know by the end of the first session if another clinic session is appropriate and if so, whether you’d benefit more from an hour or a 90 minute session; when extensive travel is involved sometimes a 2 hour session is agreed to be the best course of action. Whatever it is, it is because it needs to be that way.

Most clients return for one follow-up several weeks later, some for two and occasionally a third.

If the situation is complex, a fourth session can be appropriate, with each return session being separated by an ever-increasing gap to give your body a chance to respond and continue its unravelling process.



  • Initial 2 hour session
  • £250
  • 4D motion® lab gait & biomechanical analysis
  • Follow-Up sessions
  • £120/hour
  • Continuing gait & biomechanical analysis according to needs
  • Extras
  • £10
  • Set of foot wedges to perform drills (where appropriate)

Outdoor one2one run coaching

Once I have 4D scan information about your body, found it’s ‘dark spaces’ where movement is limited and given you short drills to ‘open’ those spaces, one2one run coaching to improve your running efficiency, endurance, strength and enjoyment can begin.

I offer 3 choices. The more you invest in your running, the cheaper it becomes:

  • 1 x 60 minute session
  • £100
  • With limited time, the focus needs to be on your main running inefficiencies
  • 2 x 60 minute sessions
  • £180
  • Doubling the time enables development of running awareness and continued improvement in efficiency of running form
  • 4 x 60 minute session
  • £320
  • With this level of commitment, improvements in form can be developed alongside effective training programme practices

Should you opt for 4-session package, any run sessions booked after completing the course are offered at the cheapest rate of £80 on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Occasionally, it is appropriate to spend time in clinic using the cameras to assist running form; clinic time is £120 per hour.