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Coming across the Holstee Manifesto on our honeymoon changed my life, hopefully forever because it was in a GREAT way!  I read it, properly, every day.

Share Your Passion

Baron de Coubertin – father of the modern Olympics –

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well.

H L Mencken, on the easy solution to every human problem –

Neat, plausible and wrong.

Matt Wallden, on the train –

We try, because it results in our optimal expression of potential.

Julie Freeman, following my question of ‘is there no end to your talents?’, replied –

There is no end to my curiosity – that’s a big difference 😉

Matt Wallden, at a runIQ workshop –

Just as a headache isn’t an aspirin deficiency, neither is over-pronation an orthotic deficiency.

Raramuri Proverb –

When you run on the earth and with the earth, you can run forever.

Matt Wallden (again!) with a moment of inspiration on the subject of the endless debate regarding ‘shod vs barefoot’ –

it depends on whether you use your mind to lead you or your intelligence.

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