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Barefoot Audio

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For those looking to learn how to run safely and efficiently in minimalist footwear, or even literally barefoot, Barefoot Audio’s run coaching albums are innovative tools, and now that they’re available on iTunes, more accessible ones.

“We are thrilled to be accepted by iTunes as a credible source of both music to exercise to, and coaching to stay safe with”

says composer and Barefoot Audio co-founder, Kirsty Hawkshaw.

On the back of recent figures, Barefoot Audio’s productions couldn’t be timelier.  Whilst the ‘barefoot running’ market continues to grow globally, increasing numbers of injuries associated with barefoot running highlight the fact that advice, education and coaching are required to achieve a safe and comfortable transition from running in more traditional supportive footwear to running in nothing more than a thick skin.  The latter can be incredibly liberating, offering the runner the benefits of efficient, natural running through enhanced sensory feedback and capturing the immense potential of human biomechanics.  Runners listening to Barefoot Audio’s coaching albums benefit from beautiful music structurally geared towards the higher cadences necessary for safe workouts, good form and efficiency of running, with the Barefoot Goddess and Apollo trilogies covering the crucial calf-conditioning period from the beginning of the transition from heel striking to midfoot/forefoot running, through to achieving effortless sustainable speed.

Barefoot ultra runner Helen Hall, who was the world’s first ‘barefoot’ Ironman in 2010, provides Barefoot Audio’s coaching, and runners have been quick to show their appreciation for her methods,

 “I am really enjoying that looser feeling I get with the upper body moving. It’s just all feeling a lot less effort than the way I was running before”

says Paul F, in training for his first triathlon.

 “I wanted to let you know what an exciting day I have had today. For the first time in my life I was running and smiling; I felt so excited to be running freely and breathing normally.  I loved it.  For at least some of the run today I had it, it felt great … rolling waves, see saw, power on, power off, drills”

enthused Carolyn W, who a few months later completed her first marathon saying,

“I loved every minute of my first marathon; it was the most exciting time.  I was the only person I could see who was wearing the Fivefingers but lots of fellow runners were asking about them. The next day I bounced around, not a pain, no sore feet, no stiffness or aching body; just the grinning and laughing … I can’t wait until the next marathon.”


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