Helen Hall: Posture & Movement Analyst and Efficient Running Coach


Welcome to the Helen-Hall website, which ‘umbrellas’ all the different aspects of the work I do to encourage people to use their body’s in ways that are more ‘biomechanically-friendly’.  In running this translates as:

more speed: less effort: fewer injuries

and in day-to-day aspects of life translates as:

better posture: more mobility: more comfort

People have come across me in a variety of environments, not necessarily then linking any of them together.  With this website, I aim to join them all up, making a cognitive statement of what I’m about.  As someone said recently:

“you do it – you fix it – and you coach it”

which was somewhat blunt, but really rather neat.  Hopefully this website will offer clarity, as my gorgeous Ashmei running jacket is getting somewhat busy with my logos now!

Mrs H enjoying a great coaching session

Mrs H enjoying a great coaching session

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