Sometimes, you do your usual ‘cracking good job’ and someone notices.  They make a real effort to let you know about how much they appreciated it.

We have a scrolling list of testimonials of which we’re very proud.  Here’s the ‘latest & greatest’ – nice and still so you get a chance to really absorb it!   This is the stuff that makes my day – happy, satisfied faces all round.

Tarne Bevan cruising to a huge PB with minimum effort & maximum output!

Tarne Bevan cruising to a huge PB with minimum effort & maximum output!

“I joined the PFM Efficient Running course, thinking there wasn’t a lot more progress I would make with my running after 8 years of triathlon and running. But learning about how I could maximise my natural biomechanics lead to a 10 minute PB on the run in Mallorca Half Ironman this year, with less training than I’d ever done.  I can’t speak highly enough of the thinking and approach to efficient running that Helen brings.”

Dave Newton (YES! Related to the big man of Gravity!) came to us for a F.I.S.T. Road Bike Fit, 11.4.13, and said:

“I have been looking at buying a new bike for quite a few months and had a very clear idea of the bike I thought I wanted to buy. However, I decided that the best approach was to go and get fitted first, to find out my ideal geometry before putting down any money on something that may not work for me and my body shape. Accordingly I booked an appointment with Helen at Ten-Point and spent a little over two hours being adjusted on the EXIT bike until I found the position that was most comfortable and most efficient. The whole process was immensely enjoyable and felt like a voyage of discovery as even the tiniest changes (2mm on my saddle height for example) made a huge difference to my comfort and the power I could produce.
The upshot is that I now have empirical evidence the proves I would have been on the wrong path with my bike choice. Of course it could have been made to approximately fit, but it would have looked like Frankenstein’s bike and been nothing more than a big compromise that at best was inefficient and at worst risked discomfort and injury. So now I have a new voyage to take in my quest for the best fitting bike for me – and I couldn’t be more excited about it!
I really could not recommend the service at Ten-Point enough and feel it’s something everyone looking to buy a bike should go through.”


Call us on 01494 433124 to make your F.I.S.T. bike fit appointment, or read more about the process here.


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