Coaching: More Speed; Less Effort; Fewer injuries

So what running ‘style’ do I advocate?

People often ask what running ‘ethos’ or ‘style’ I advocate, or who I’m sponsored by.  ‘Is is the Chi Method?’ they ask, or perhaps the ‘Pose Method?’ Or maybe, because of my love of ‘barefoot’, am I ‘paid by Vibram?’

None of the above!

This is not a man-made, developed ‘method’ of running I’m encouraging you towards.  There are no rules (although I have written a manual commissioned by YMCAfit).  There is no right or wrong way to run – after all, that would mean that there was some official methodology standard that had been set, and despite claims to the contrary, there hasn’t.  Running, like walking, is a primal movement.  It’s one that our bodies are perfectly evolved to do, without assistance and with less risk of injury if the sensory feedback loops aren’t ignored.

But there is a very big, and visible difference between using your body well, and efficiently, and effectively, and using it badly, and inefficiently, and less effectively.  I am endlessly fascinated by the 800m Olympic mens final, and the grace that was Rudisha and the ‘shambles’ that was Amos.

Just imagine how much faster Amos might have been had someone got hold of him, harnessed that raw talent and got all the energy there going in one (preferably forward) direction.  Would he now hold more than Botswana’s National Record?

Efficient Running

My passion is to coach, coerce and generally encourage you discover how the human body works – your body -knowledge that can then be used to your best advantage to improve your running skills.  And in the absence of anything more appropriate to call it, we called it

Efficient Running

It does exactly what it says on the tin

more speed: less effort: fewer injuries

And Efficient Running is all about the 4 F’s

Foundations – Form – Feel – Fun

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