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XNRG 66 mile Pilgrim Challenge, 1-2 February 2020

Goal: to have fun with my Cape Wrath teamies … oh, and test run kit, run strategy, multi-stage nutrition, overnight kitbag and sleeping

Coaching: More Speed; Less Effort; Fewer injuries

So what running ‘style’ do I advocate? People often ask what running ‘ethos’ or ‘style’ I advocate, or who

Nose-Breathing Amsterdam Marathon?

Poor Wendy had to put up with a silent first 10km whilst I hand-signalled a route through the 42000 participants (?!) – then our running paths

Are You Breathing?

No – I mean really breathing.  Let’s skip the usual smart-alec comments of ‘yes, I’ve been doing it since I was


Granted they’re not the prettiest feet in the world, but I bet the prettiest feet in the world haven’t been on the adventures mine have.

Pip’s 1st 50 Miler

Rather than one of my stories, I’ve just been gifted the story of another runner – a ‘real runner’, who runs for the sheer

An Incurable Deformity … ?

Those were the ACTUAL WORDS used by a so-called ‘professional’ to his patient (without the question mark!). Given I knew both the lovely

Helen’s Insights: Live to Live

A crematorium bursting at the seams, to celebrate a life that some would say was cut short, and others would say continues in peace.  As Shelley

Helen’s Insights: Death puts Life into Perspective

“Death puts Life into perspective” said Ralph Waldo Emerson back in the mid-19th century.  And he was right.  Is a blog the place for

Caesar’s Camp 50 Mile Endurance Run 2013 – The Final One

Sub-Title 1: Can I temper the gastric issues that completely obliterated any pleasure at Ironman Frankfurt (race report will never get written

Few Know How Good This Is – And Given It’s THAT Good – I Wonder Why?

So I’m working my cotton socks off, and still trying to ‘train’ for my first 50 miler this weekend.  Never mind tapering,

And for my next trick … From Eton Mess to Fat-Burning Glory

So how on earth did that happen? It all started with a random tripping-over of a RunKeto discussion group on FB, via someone tweeting a link to it.