Helen Hall: Posture & Movement Analyst and Efficient Running Coach

Welcome! Welcome to the Helen-Hall website, which ‘umbrellas’ all the different aspects of the work I do to encourage people to use their body’s in ways that are more ‘biomechanically-friendly’. ┬áIn running this translates as: more speed: less effort: fewer injuries and in day-to-day aspects of life translates as: better posture: more mobility: more comfort People have come across me

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Barefoot Connections Conference

Photos by Phillipa Newland. I went on another learning journey yesterday – the ‘Barefoot Connections Conference’, masterminded by Matt Wallden, who brought Vibram Fivefingers into the UK, connecting the product to his Chek practitioner work on our primal movements.  The location set the scene – The National History Museum, with the start next to Dippy the Dinosaur – and on

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