Barefoot Connections Conference

Photos by Phillipa Newland. I went on another learning journey yesterday – the ‘Barefoot Connections Conference’, masterminded by Matt Wallden, who brought Vibram Fivefingers into the UK, connecting the product to his Chek practitioner work on our primal movements.  The location set the scene – The National History Museum, with the start next to Dippy the Dinosaur – and on

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Ten Lessons in Lanza

Just goes to show … 3rd Ironman and still so much to learn! Despite the accepted norm of piddle in wetsuit to get warm/convenience; piddle on bike to show circus style co-ordination/mark your drafter; poo where you can and preferably not in a portaloo; puke anywhere (really – see later), I revisited another form of human relief … the fear

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Druid’s Challenge 2011

Druid’s Challenge Video, 11.11.11 I know you’re all thinking “I might never get to the end of this” … that’s what I thought on the 11th, 12th and 13th of November!! In brief, and without toilet stops, here’s my latest ‘race’ report (don’t bother with the kettle, you’ll not need it!) The Druid Challenge is a multi-stage 3 day race

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ZincMan Goes For An Upgrade/Ironman Lanzarote 2011

It wasn’t an auspicious start to RACE PREPARATIONS.  Wednesday morning saw me down at the beach soon after 7am to make sure that the tsunami I’d dreamed about wasn’t about to hit.  All was calm.  I sank into the water and began a loop of the race swim. Nobody had mentioned ‘The Abyss’.  The sea was really rough in March

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Show Me the Way to Lanzarote

POST IRONMAN AUSTRIA … Soft Ironmen? For everyone who thought that just me making it to the finish would be a miracle, I thought that coming in with just under 2 hours to spare was A RESULT! (Especially when you factor in that 50min of those 15 hours and 8 minutes were spent languishing in the transition tent – obviously getting

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Ironman Training in the Pyrenees

… fond memories …. oh, how ‘green’ were we!  TdF, Wiggo and Olympic efforts have brought it all back … Training in the Pyrenees – Day 1  The idea was just a little 45 miler to wake up our bodies following the 14 hour drive down to our base, south-west of Toulouse.  Our host had given us the map, mentioned

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A Rookies Ironman Austria 2010

I’m here because a year ago someone said I couldn’t do it. Standing on the shores of the most beautiful, milky blue lake I’ve ever seen, behind rows and rows of black wetsuits and white swim caps, I am convinced they were right after all.  The crowds are vast, the lake is vast, I can’t even see the first turning

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