Serendipity HQ (Clinic) Process

Your High Performance 4D motion® lab gait & joint mechanics analysis – the most advanced of its kind IN THE WORLD

Once an appointment is made, to avoid wasting precious assessment time with the writing out of medical histories, your first commitment is to pop anything injury, illness and surgery-related that’s happened over your lifetime into the on-line data-protected form – anything you remember that hurt or made you feel bad – even if you don’t think it’s anything to do with the problem that’s brought you to me.  Oh, and don’t forget to identify the LEFT or RIGHT in your history!

On the day, the initial part of the session is taken up with assessment and analysis.  Collected data is connected to your injury/pain story to weave cohesive thought-processes for the generation of the most effective movement drills for joint mechanics change – differences that are tested and progressed and tested again before you leave to understand what changes they’ve created.

Your part in the process is to relax – enjoy being the focus of attention – and your second commitment is to perform the drills at least daily as movement ‘homework’.

Only you can do this part of the process, so you should embark on this ‘unravelling journey’ ONLY when you know you feel ready to take control.

Movement ‘stimuli’ are filmed – where appropriate – on YOUR device, so please have enough space available on it for several short videos.

With the detail of joint movement being so important, and focus diminishing after a handful of reps, each drill should take just a few minutes. Little and often works better and faster when the brain and body get together to create change.


The length of your session

For Assessment, Analysis and Change, Resources are required: Time and Money.

Two of my highest values are Education and Fair Exchange (the other three are Connection, Clarity and Running Joy).  I invested in the MOST ADVANCED GAIT ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD (fondly known to all as DORIS), I continually advance my learning and I have the experience and the knowledge to dive deep.

I consider 5 hours to be a really productive amount of time to marry it all together: collect data, formulate a working hypothesis, and make progress in a logical fashion.  A 5 hour initial analysis is an evolving workshop of High Performance 4D motion®️ lab gait & joint mechanics analysis & movement exploration, especially suitable for complex injury histories.

The 7 hour option is for 2 people to SHARE the time with me!  This is effectively a day workshop of High Performance 4D motion®️ lab gait & joint mechanics analysis and movement exploration shared between couples/partners: double the energy, discovery and fun!  Beneficial for close friends, training partners and/or couples because you’ll each remember different aspects and help each other continue the CHANGE begun in clinic.

Professional and Elite Sports People are invited to attend the High Performance 4D motion®️ lab, for two consecutive days. The session will include the most advanced Gait and Joint Analysis to enhance performance, efficiency of movement and provide solutions for chronic injury problems that are preventing career progression and peak performance.


In Clinic Workshops are designed for 3-4 runners to take advantage of the High Performance 4D motion®️ lab’s ability, to capture movement from five angles simultaneously in real time. Runners will get the opportunity to utilise the most advanced treadmill with integrated force plate and approximately 8000 pressure sensors.  Six second recordings enable an IMMENSE amount of data to be collected swiftly and efficiently. The purpose: to determine what is and what is not changing. The collective experience will make the workshop fun and productive.



3 hours is a productive length of time for a follow-up session, where Doris once again provides the objective data showing us where interventions have created change and where new stimuli are required for ‘stickier’ areas.

An understandably common question is ‘how many times will I need to come back?’ which of course is an impossible question to answer as I haven’t met you yet.

What I can say with total transparency is that you and I will both know by the end of the first session if another on-site session is appropriate and if so, how long would make most sense, and whether remote follow-ups could complement our on-site work.

Most clients return for at least one follow-up a month or two later, and some for more; it depends on what we’ve uncovered during the assessment – what needs unravelling in order to access comfortable, effective movement.

Whatever the ‘follow-up format’ becomes, it is as it is because it makes sense to be that way.  It’s the only way I know.

Some continue with me long after their original goal has been fulfilled, because they are enjoying discovering more and more about their body – how it works, how they can look after it – and have set new, more reaching goals! Wonderful!


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