Bringing EWYSO to Life Workshops

Bring Joy To Your Running By Harnessing Efficiency of Movement:

4 hour half-day workshops led by Helen Hall, the author of Even With Your Shoes On

Are you:

a lost runner

a budding runner

 a repetitively-injured runner

a tried-but-it-hurt-too-much runner

a runner looking for the JOY in running

a runner searching for more speed and resilience

a tired-with-no-progress-to-show-for-efforts runner

a curious runner in the pursuit of using your
body more efficiently


If you resonate with any of these, then uniting your running body with your running mind will provide clues to help answer your running questions.

Apparently, 65-80% (some have said as high as 92.4%) of runners get injured! Less than 15% of folk have a strong sense of learning through ‘feel’. Let’s shift your running from wherever it’s landed to wherever you’d like it to take you. Let’s


  • We’ll start with ‘knowing stuff’. No guessing. With ‘knowing’ we can get somewhere. Not knowing is messy and tends to get us nowhere. We’ll use the force plate and cameras in my clinic facility, which is home to the most advanced gait analysis technology in THE WORLD.  Worldwide, it’s only the 3rd scanner of its kind; my clinic space is very special!
  • We’ll move onto how to access more reaction from soft tissue without training harder, only more comfortably and more enjoyably. We’ll run and play ‘before and after’ games outside, and then return to the clinic to measure the ‘before and after’ using the technology.
  • We’ll unite Movement with Sensory Feedback using as many senses as possible, with the gift of a group workshop offering visual clues to interlink more information and weave better understandings. Every runner helps every other runner simply by being present, and everyone reaps the benefits.
  • We’ll explore – and possibly reclaim – both your running body and your running mind, and we’ll have fun; smiling as you run should be a given.
  • The format is a series of progressive and roughly monthly-spaced workshops, bringing the levels of the pyramid in Even With Your Shoes On to life whilst allowing Time for your body to develop and breathe with the programme (especially at the beginning, when there is likely to be the most change happening); by not rushing the process you’ll get more from the experience.
  • There is no mandate to attend all the workshops – each one can be a stand-alone event if that’s what you want – but they WILL knit together and as a whole become greater than the sum of the individual parts.
  • The workshops are aimed at both runners who want ‘more’ and coaches who want ‘better’.

    All sessions are 1030-1430 hrs, and unless otherwise instructed closer to the event, will start and finish at Ten-Point in Chesham Bois village.

4 hour workshop, £120 per runner

max 10 runners

2020 dates have been affected by COVID-19; revised dates will be issued as soon as possible

To reserve your place, contact me: or text 07917 333364

As well as providing workshops from my base – which of course include using my state-of-the-art technology (I don’t tire of saying it’s the most advanced High Performance gait analysis in the world, the third of its kind and the ONLY one in the UK!), I am always thrilled to be invited to present workshops:

  • Group Workshops
    (per group)
  • £800
  • up to 15 runners: 4 hour workshop. If you would prefer a full day of glorious running development, customised to your group’s needs, let me know!