One of my highest values is education and whilst I’m better at giving than receiving (still learning how to create balance between the two) I’m very keen on the concept of fair exchange. My other main core values form a bit of an equation:

connection (me with you and you with your body) + clarity (my depth of knowledge and your understanding) = running JOY

And without ALL of my teachers, all the lovely folk I’ve coached through the years, and my friends who’ve adventured with me, I wouldn’t have the understanding I have now and continue to develop; the understanding that enables me to use the latest technology available, to connect that which lay unconnected, to unveil the reality and to offer folk sovereignty of, and autonomy over, their bodies. I feel strongly that we shouldn’t be defined by the label of our injury or condition or syndrome … our bodies are experiencing something and if that something is slow to change despite best efforts, it’s probably because something is in the way. Let’s find it, root it out and CREATE CHANGE.

I’ve read a lot, studied a lot, listened a lot, run a lot, thought a lot, been influenced a lot and woven a lot of information together. I’ve gone round in a few circles in my time, but I always pop out somewhere interesting. Here are my teachers and guides, all of whom have helped me be me:

The Royal Air Force was a constant and rolling education over the course of 6.5 years, with bosses to salute every which way I looked, and prior to that, my maths teacher Mrs Thornley, deserves special mention, as she had the patience of a saint. Maths remains an unconquered challenge …

To all my teachers and guides, Thank You