Run Help!

This is what I hear every day …

Why can’t I run ‘like this’? Should I run ‘like this’? How should I run?

Is running meant to hurt? Should I run through the pain?

What shoes should I wear? Is ‘minimal’ a good/bad idea? Are orthotics good/bad?

How do I get my glutes to wake up (I’ve been told they’re sleepy)?

Should I stretch: before I run/during a run/after I run/ever/never?

Am I good enough to have a gait analysis?

Isn’t knee pain ‘normal’ for runners?

I have flat feet. Can I run?  I have high arches. Can I run?

I keep getting achilles tendonitis/calf strains/hamstring strains/back ache/neck ache/shoulder ache/shin splints/stress fractures … is this a sign of something?

What’s the best thing to do to prevent injury?

How do I run more efficiently?

The only way I can run is by going fast; is this a problem?

What’s the best way to run?

What’s the best way to prepare to run?

What should I do after a run to prevent stiffness?

Are treadmills bad?

How do I get better at running?

Answers to all these questions – and more – are accessible here.  If I ask myself “What more is possible?” I find the answer is always “Plenty”.  From free information on my social media feeds, through my book Even With Your Shoes On, and all the way through to the most advanced High Performance gait analysis tech in the world, I am here to help, and more importantly, I CAN help.  I have helped many.  From sports professionals with career-threatening injuries through to novices, full of doubt but with big hearts. I can help you too, and I’d LOVE to help. Helpful is my middle name.


Free Helpfulness:


FB, Insta, Twitter, YouTube

Below £30 Helpfulness:

My book in print: Even With Your Shoes On

My running invention: The Magical Lemni

My book in print and Kindle: Even With Your Shoes On

Live 35 minute movement classes WujWum-inars

Barefoot Audio Coaching Downloads

Around £50pp Helpfulness:

Group Workshops (max 15 runners)

Remote Helpfulness, from £82.50:

Premium: £210

I’m Lost: £144/hr

Pathfinder: £82.50

High Performance Helpfulness @ Serendipity HQ, from £330:

2 hrs, 3 hrs, 4 hrs, 7 hrs, Pro Team Analysis

PFM Coaches 

The ‘Magic Man’ comes to life with the training of the PFM School of Efficient Running Ambassadors … our running family, across the globe.

We are focused on:

  • Finding the Enjoyment in Running.
  • “… the goal is not just to reach your potential but to build it, to make things possible that were not possible before.”
    K. Anders Ericsson, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
  • “Basic Basic Basic, don’t get sick of the basic … and when you have the basic you go forward further … easy.” – Martial Arts Grandmaster Bobby Taboada of Balintawak
  • “Being a Good Example” – GM Bobby Taboada Legacy

The link to training will be live shortly …