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Awareness. Learn the language of your body, and discover what your body is trying to tell you. As PFM WAY Coaches, you’ll have the tools to help your clients get there more efficiently: faster with less effort.

You’ve clicked; I am THRILLED you’re interested in joining THE PFM WAY Coaching family!  My goal is to share the message of: “let your body run you” in the way it can, using movement to create change, but without imposing movement shapes on it.

And, needless to say, when I say ‘runners’, WALKING is always on the menu of investigation, because every runner walks …

So whether you’re already a coach of some description, at the start of your journey of helping others with their movement or whether you have no intention to coach, but simply want to help yourself by discovering more about movement and how it develops in our bodies throughout our lives, I’d love to join you on your journey.

Explore your own walking/running body via the book and the PFM WujWum video series, so that all the material covered in the online course has context and therefore more meaning.

As per the progressive structure in Even With Your Shoes On, we start with PRINCIPLES and once those are established, DETAILS are more efficiently and effectively overlain:

  1. THE PFM WAY Coach at NAVIGATOR Level accesses my thought processes borne of the accumulated understanding of my lifetime of study.  At this level, we are literally navigating our way through all the golden information each person we’re working with is offering us through their movement patterns.  My application of the aggregate of what I’ve been taught forms the Principles with which you begin to instigate change in their systems.
  2. THE PFM WAY Coach at WINGS Level is shown all the tools I use to gift the runner MORE and BETTER – often instantaneously – once the runner has been supported with movement stimuli from the essential groundwork.  The solutions I’ve created through experience and application of my learnings – my discoveries – are the Details.  
  3. THE PFM WAY Coach at TRAILBLAZER Level spends time with me in very small groups, either in person or through the wonders of real-time video action, to continue their learning journey, just as I continue mine.

“Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.”  – Thomas Mann

I’m filming material for the courses.  Doris (the scanner) will be showing you what happens ‘before and after’, so I’m guiding you with objective results rather than my opinion.  I’ll be showing you what to look for and how to explore those ‘noticings’.


Read the book, go through the PFM WujWum Series of 6, and fill in the contact form so I can send you more course details as soon as they’re available …



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it sings to my soul that together we’ll be able to help more enjoy their walking and running…

With warmest wishes, Helen 🪶

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