In no particular order, as the links will build as I meet more people on my travels:

Kirsty Wright of ‘Raw Food Chesham’ who will show you the delights of food that tastes good, IS good for you, and looks almost too good to eat (she also happens to be the very important part of Barefoot Audio, composing the most beautiful music at the perfect cadence – enabling me to coach more runners and walkers than I can see – and who’s other ‘hat’ is Kirsty Hawkshaw – musician, singer, producer and composer – it’s her ‘Ice Castle’ I’m mellowing to as I write this)

Matt Wallden of Primal Lifestyle my partner in crime for our collaboration runIQ and the source of my endlessly amazingly happy feet

Julie Freeman – the other half of Freeman Towers – the creative ‘Sistak’ of Sistak Creative Technologies, without whom this website (my pride and joy) wouldn’t exist, and for whom I have the utmost respect, as she’s able to launch off on ultra adventures without so much as a nod to traditional training programmes!  A complete natural.

Simon Freeman – the competitively EQUAL other half of Freeman Towers – the ‘social media for runners’ guru, the marathon runner (with elbows!), the force behind FREESTAKUK, and the reason I met Julie … for which I’ll always be grateful.

James Poole aka @The_Poolester – my running mate and coaching partner … running’s more fun with him around

Dan Empfield at Slowtwitch who’s raconteur-style of teaching made learning how to fit bikes to real people such a well-rounded experience; haven’t looked back since Dan, and I have you to thank for creating the only bike-fitting protocol that made biomechanical sense.

inov-8 who have developed great ‘barefoot’ running shoes, with amazing grip for off-road and off-trail; and who chose wisely when looking for a coach to take their competition winners through the transition 8 weeks to a Natural Runner (with help from Simon Freeman for pointing them in the right direction!)

YMCAfit – the most experienced training provider in the UK – who were forward-thinking enough to commission me to write the UK’s first Barefoot Running manual, teaching their instructors how to coach Barefoot Running.

Box Bell Fit Training run by the wonderful Anna Plumridge, one of the winners of the inov-8 8 Weeks to a Natural competition.  Our paths were clearly meant to cross.  Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed our first runIQ Workshop there a short while ago, and the enthusiasm for Efficient Running from the gym members continues unabated.

Steven Lord of Everyday Training who trusted me with his running technique, even though he beat me to barefoot Ironman distance by nearly 9 months!

Neil Thubron of XNRG Extreme Energy who radiates endless enthusiasm for encouraging people to achieve their goals.  He simply doesn’t compute boundaries.  He inspires me (and gave me my precious ‘THINK’ book).

Dan Holmes of Profit PT – personal training in your home or local park – an inov-8 8 weeks to a Natural competition finalist, who took his existing running prowess, honed it to efficiency and made me proud!

 MuscleCareSMT – Warren Day, a man who took his dream and made it a reality … and discovered the pleasure of running in the process.  His story inspired me over and over.

Melissa Laing, who inspires so many to just ‘give it a try’. Her classes give exercise a ‘freshness’ and her friendly, enthusiastic persona coaxes even the most sedentary into the fresh air, where they discover how to help themselves and have a better quality of life. MCL Fitness

Diana Wright – a nutritionist who loves running, and who is a beautifully efficient runner too! For a healthful life 🙂

Johanna Dodd, an inspirational mum who says it how it is and who redefines what important REALLY is.  She lost her little boy William after his fight against cancer, and William’s Fund is there to raise the money required to continue the research into finding the causes of childhood cancer.  If the cause is known, treatment outcome is positive.  Sadly, they didn’t find William’s ’cause’ in time for him.  Let’s support Johanna’s work so other families don’t have to live the same anguish and little kids get to have a life.