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‘Even With Your Shoes On’ provides answers to the running questions asked by all abilities of runner, through a progressive series of guided running lessons with photographs and online video resources.  It’s a book you’ll return to again and again as you travel along the path to smooth, efficient, enjoyable running.

You’re encouraged to explore your own physical structure through simple self-assessed movement.  Specific movement drills are offered to optimise movement potential and enable you to develop your efficient running skills without risk of injury.  No prior anatomy knowledge is required as everything is explained thoroughly, with technical terms kept to a minimum.

The goal is to move and think and feel, and by connecting everything, create a more enjoyable, and then joyful running experience.

Apart from you and your copy of Even With Your Shoes On (and maybe your running trainers if you like wearing them), the only other tool that every runner benefits from using is The Lemni.  100% spruce, light and unvarnished – enabling impregnation of your natural oils over time – the simple biofeedback loop it generates, helps everyone who plays with its strong energy connect co-operative movement between left and right sides and between upper and lower body.  It’s amazing how efficient your running can become when you use your entire body harmoniously.

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