Even With Your Shoes On


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A book to return to again and again as you discover your natural path to smooth, efficient, enjoyable running. (Includes over 30 online video tutorials)

Efficient Running is a ‘look’ to the observer and a ‘sense’ to the person.  The ‘look’ exemplifies elegance and efficiency of movement; a body in harmony, gliding across the ground.  The ‘sense’ is that of a more relaxed body, generating feelings of enjoyment and pleasure as each stride gives life to the next with global movement co-operation.  Anyone – everyone – has the ability to create this, and the pages of this book mark a well-defined trail to lead you there.

The trail follows a simple and progressive process to achieve joyful running efficiency.  Not an airy-fairy joyful; this is a rarified state of being that I perceive as being generally missing in the running world.  Running joy is what running efficiency generates.

Move and think and feel and connect.

By integrating exercise with evocative vocabulary creating thoughtful movement patterns, you’ll discover the fullest potential of physical space your body can enjoy using, and simultaneously dial into the sensory feedback of your own internal awareness; their unification will guide you to your best running form choices – those that are Absolutely Right for you.

My hope and intention
is for you all to smile again as you run.
I invite you to explore – and possibly reclaim –
both your running body and your running mind.

‘You’ is all you need…

and maybe some shoes
if your feet like them …

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