Movement Efficiency The PFM Way: PFM PILOT in Modules

Movement Efficiency The PFM Way: PFM PILOT in Modules



Practical modules investigating movement and the root causes of chronic pain & injury.

Applicable for:

1. Practitioners of all disciplines working in the fields of movement, pain & injury.

2. Those injured who are happy to ‘self-analyse’ by exploring movement patterns.

Depending on the module, 18-44 tutorials via on-demand video

2.5-6.5 hours, depending on the module

Symptom Summary Sheets

Demonstrations using real people with full case studies in Modules 5 & 6

Links to further resources

Certificate of Completion for each module

Bite-size modules can feel more manageable, and whilst you’ll discover for yourselves how no one area of our body works alone, patterns of shapes and movement strategies DO exist and degrees of ‘separation’ can be useful during the learning process — especially if you’re seeking to self-help your movement issues.

When applying what lays the foundations for any and all movement, solutions can be simple and powerful, because they tap into how we’re made.

Objective data is provided by the most advanced gait & motion analysis technology in the world: the DIERS 4D High Performance Motion Lab, known to all as ‘Doris’.

PFM PILOT is unique in the movement industry in being able to objectively show the changes in real time, and in working with adults, to demonstrate how life-long reflexes and movement development are relevant throughout our lives.

Let’s explore together.

More Details on Module 1: Feet - £40 More Details on Module 2: Hands & Jaw £40 More Details on Module 3: Lifelong Reflex of Locomotion - £40 More Details on Module 4: Lateral Flexions - £40 More Details on Module 5: Spinal Extension - £80 More Details on Module 6: Timing & Coordination - £80