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The LEMNI® was designed to solve two problems: I heard “what am I meant to do with my arms when I run” and I saw inefficient arm movement; “discombobulated, uncoordinated arms that didn’t seem know what to do or where to be, or moved asymmetrically or moved in a way that detracted from efficient movement”.

But if you try and MAKE your arms do something whilst you run:

#1: they won’t do it when you’re not thinking about it AND

#2: the ‘doing’ will interfere with something else … and because you have 2 of them, the fall-guy will likely be TIMING.

So I started CONNECTING L and R upper limbs via the hands with the “magical” LEMNI® and movement magically (hence the name) improved. You didn’t have to think about anything – but simply FEEL the fluidity in your body.

The LEMNI® is your secret to Perpetual Forward Motion, your efficient movement tool and NOW it can morph into 3 different lengths, so you can find the length that works JUST RIGHT FOR YOU … AND different-sized family members can share … if they’re willing!

Simply roughly gauge how far apart your hands need to be for thumbs to be comfortably more or less in line with the front-sidewalls of your chest when your elbows are bent, and find which LEMNI®3 length comes closest. The LEMNI®3 simply unscrews apart, and then screws back together, with either no centre-piece, or one or two centre-pieces. In my experience, no-one has yet needed longer or shorter.

Cup each end into your palm, closing your fingers without gripping – you should be able to shake the LEMNI®3 within each hand. I like to have the narrow neck at each end resting on my pinkie or ring fingers. Your elbows are bent so that the centre of the LEMNI®3 hovers just below the base of the sternum (your central breastbone).

Whilst there are no absolutes in movement, and a ‘swinging a baby’ action or ‘flapping left and right in straight lines’ isn’t ‘wrong’, in the context of gait – one foot in front of the other creating forward motion at any speed – both would be less efficient. The 3D motion of the shoulder girdle looks like a ‘lemniscate’ symbol (hence ‘Lemni’!), a figure-of-eight-on-its-side infinity sign. So — with the emphasis on efficiency — more an ‘up and over’ of the shoulder, or a mini ‘slam-dunk’ action, sending one end of the LEMNI®3 over to the opposite foot is what seems to help most effectively.

You can use it when walking briskly, to mobilise neck, shoulders and back … and to encourage whole body coordination between upper and lower limbs.

And — of course — you can use it to assist your efficient running form. In my body, the movement feels as if I’m gently boxing, gently rolling my shoulders to ‘punch’ my weight from L hand to R foot and from R hand to L foot.

The repetitive nature of walking and running – with the LEMNI®3 in place to encourage efficient, 3-dimensional and cooperative movement of the upper body – means the movement pattern is happening many 1000s of times during each hour of activity, connecting and strengthening the neural pathways that are active in the movement.

And – of course – just as the original LEMNI® , the LEMNI®3 is STILL your portable soft tissue massager: effective on feet, shins (using the central knobble), calves, hamstrings (at the back of the thigh) and quadriceps (front of thigh muscles).

And if you join me on my teaching course PILOT, you’ll find it really is the gift that keeps on giving: it’s the perfect shape to connect the centre of the palm to the jaw and tongue — which is Non Negotiable TWO in a field of 6, so HIGHLY influential in efficient movement … AND it reappears in NN6 as the perfect receptacle for sound, vision and proprioception, to help develop more coordinated movement. Its potential seems only limited by ones creativity.

Proudly hand-turned in the UK by master wood craftsmen – and lovingly engraved with my favourite logo – your LEMNI®3 has been deliberately left unvarnished, enabling the natural oils from your hands to impregnate the wood. Enjoy using your LEMNI®3 to gain new insights into your walking and running movement patterns, to access BETTER movement patterns and to enjoy movement MORE.


100% SPRUCE: Walking through natural conifer woods gives a feeling of deep calm and peace. Spruce, with its strong energy, has been used through the ages to promote good health and vigour, and to create an elevated state of mind from where GREAT THINGS CAN GET DONE.

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