The Lemni


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The Lemni is your secret to Perpetual Forward Motion, your personal efficient running coaching tool, your portable soft tissue massager should you need it to be, and quadruples as your ‘anti-evil cow’ protector.  Tested in the field, its potential is only limited by your creativity.

For video instructions on using the Lemni please click here

Cup each end into your palm, closing your fingers around the end without gripping, and with your elbows bent so that the centre of The Lemni hovers just below the base of the sternum (your central breastbone); now roll your shoulders alternately as if you’re shrugging a light pack-strap into place and watch its ‘lemniscate’ (a figure-eight shaped curve) action.

100% Spruce

Walking through natural conifer woods gives a feeling of deep calm and peace. Spruce, with its strong energy, has been used through the ages to promote good health and vigour, and to create an elevated state of mind from where GREAT THINGS CAN GET DONE.  Your Lemni has been deliberately left unvarnished, enabling the natural oils from your hands to impregnate the wood.  Enjoy using your Lemni to gain new insights into your walking and running movement patterns.

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