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What started off as a bit of banter between a ‘doer’ and a ‘thinker’ (which in itself was banter because the ‘doer’ thinks a lot – that’s me – and the ‘thinker’ – that’s Matt – does a lot of do-ing too!) became a more serious conversation when we decided to create a ‘meeting of minds’ in order to bring the

whole package

to you. Matt Wallden is the MD of Primal Lifestyle, a Master CHEK Practitioner, CHEK Instructor and osteopath.  It is he who had the foresight and drive to bring the delight of Vibram Fivefingers to the UK, before the UK even knew they were ready for them.  Steadily, interest has grown – both in the running and the health arenas – and his perception of the ‘way forward’ has proved positive for so many of us.   runIQ brings the science and the practical together in workshop format for the ‘curious-to-know-more-but-you-need-to-show-me-the-evidence’ as well as the ‘I-want-to-start-but-I-don’t-know-how’ runners.  It’s wonderful to be involved in something that participants seem to find so inspiring.  There’s an endless backdrop of negativity surrounding the heel-strike/midfoot debate, and its sister, the shod/unshod debate.  And it’s this that makes the flip-side so worthwhile; the ‘light-bulb’ moments when Matt pulls up a slide, or says something that’s clearly resonating with the audience; and when, out and about during the practical coaching session, runners suddenly realise how amazingly efficient their bodies are – what a particular muscle combination does if they ‘let’ it –  they just didn’t realise until then.  The Q&As are always valuable and enlightening to many; what one person raises is invariably a question or issue relevant to more, because we all tend to go through the same transitional issues, as – being Westerners – we’ve probably all been raised wearing shoes more often than being barefoot.  Such a satisfying experience – on both sides.

How it works

WE'LL COME TO YOU! Within the remit of a ‘reasonable travelling distance’ we’ll come to you for a 3 hour workshop at a cost of £500 (if we have to travel very far, we’ll ask for travel/accommodation renumeration).  We can offer the ‘science-practical’ package for up to 50 people at one time, so as an organiser of an ‘Efficient’ or ‘Barefoot’ Running Event, you can easily cover your costs. An event flyer might look something like the example here.

Contact me or Matt if you’d like to ask more questions regarding hosting a workshop for the runners/health-aware in your area:

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