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Pip’s 1st 50 Miler

Rather than one of my stories, I’ve just been gifted the story of another runner – a ‘real runner’, who runs for the sheer joy of running and who loves running just as much as me.  I don’t meet these ‘real runners’ often, and it moves me that we’ve created running memories together.  Pip’s ‘story’ came as a result of

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Barefoot Audio: What’s It All About?

How Barefoot Audio started Barefoot Audio is the result of a coincidental meeting of a musician and a barefoot running coach – a collaboration of skills not previously seen. On the one hand was coach Helen Hall, endlessly frustrated by the lack of appropriate music with a fast enough beat to help her runners improve their running cadence and technique.

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Barefoot Audio: efficient running coaching albums

Barefoot Audio Access your first Barefoot Audio coaching album right now – free download here For those looking to learn how to run safely and efficiently in minimalist footwear, or even literally barefoot, Barefoot Audio’s run coaching albums are innovative tools, and now that they’re available on iTunes, more accessible ones. “We are thrilled to be accepted by iTunes as

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Barefoot Connections Conference

Photos by Phillipa Newland. I went on another learning journey yesterday – the ‘Barefoot Connections Conference’, masterminded by Matt Wallden, who brought Vibram Fivefingers into the UK, connecting the product to his Chek practitioner work on our primal movements.  The location set the scene – The National History Museum, with the start next to Dippy the Dinosaur – and on

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