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Perpetual Forward motion coaching options

Coaching One2One Outdoor Coaching – walking, walking with poles & running: £100 for 1 x 1hr; £180 for 2 x 1hr; £320 for 4 x 1hr sessions (must be used within 4 months) The price per person is 25% less when working in pairs, 33% less for 3 runners and 50% less when working in groups of 4 For groups of 5

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Helen Hall: Posture & Movement Analyst and Efficient Running Coach

Welcome! Welcome to the Helen-Hall website, which ‘umbrellas’ all the different aspects of the work I do to encourage people to use their body’s in ways that are more ‘biomechanically-friendly’.  In running this translates as: more speed: less effort: fewer injuries and in day-to-day aspects of life translates as: better posture: more mobility: more comfort People have come across me

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Therapy Services

Diers 4D Scanner from Ten-Point on Vimeo. It looks impressive – stylishly minimalist.  Behind the simple, elegant lines lies The Way Forward.  Motion or gait analysis catches up with the innovation and creativity of the like of Apple et al.  You’re looking at the UK’s very first full 4D motion® Lab Gait Analysis System by DIERS International.  The very first

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