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An Incurable Deformity … ?

Those were the ACTUAL WORDS used by a so-called ‘professional’ to his patient (without the question mark!). Given I knew both the lovely owner of these feet, and the fact he’d been happily wearing Vibram Fivefingers for a while now, I was wondering what kind of ‘incurable deformity’ he’d been secretly hiding. Curled toes.  Enough to have started bothering the

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Morton’s Foot

What is Morton’s Foot? The Morton’s Foot condition: can be bi-lateral (both feet) or uni-lateral (only one foot affected) exists where the 1st metatarsal (long foot bone leading to the big toe) is significantly shorter than its next-door neighbour, the 2nd metatarsal Morton’s Foot gets confused with, but is NOT the same as Morton’s Toe Morton’s Toe is where the

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Case Study 3: Foot Pain or Plantar-Fasciitis

Does this sound familiar? You’re crippled with pain in your feet when you stand on them, either in the heel, arch or ball of foot, or combinations of all three. Rest doesn’t seem to help, as the pain seems worse when you get up after sitting, or having your feet up, and it’s worst of all when you get out

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Therapy Services

Diers 4D Scanner from Ten-Point on Vimeo. It looks impressive – stylishly minimalist.  Behind the simple, elegant lines lies The Way Forward.  Motion or gait analysis catches up with the innovation and creativity of the like of Apple et al.  You’re looking at the UK’s very first full 4D motion® Lab Gait Analysis System by DIERS International.  The very first

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