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My goal is to help as many as possible THE PFMWAY.

We find a way to help the body change ITSELF from within. That way, we avoid forcing change on a body that it might not be able to maintain. It means getting to the root cause of movement problems.

This is ‘movement problem-solving’ using:

“The 4 main pathways to the truth: science, reason, intuition and imagination”
Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary.
TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PFM PILOT: Pain & Injury Lifelines via Online Tutorials


I have a lifelong habit of analysing posture and movement, and I use my passion to help those stuck in chronic pain and injury patterns. I believe bodies are amazing and capable of PFM – Perpetual Forward Motion – literally and figuratively.

Using the most advanced motion analysis technology in the world, I combine objective clarity with over 4 decades of experience and study in the field, to seek out root causes of chronic pain and injury that seem resistant to standard treatment protocols. 

Of course, not everyone can visit me in person, so I share some of my experience in The PFMWAY PILOT Series: Pain & Injury Lifelines via Online Tutorials.


By identifying the six most commonly missed elements of movement efficiency, busy professionals working in the field of pain and injury will find easy tools that can be applied quickly to enhance their existing practice, and those willing to ‘self-analyse’ will find approachable material to explore ‘self-help’.

I have also shared many of my thought processes and principles regarding walking, running and movement efficiency, both in my book ‘Even With Your Shoes On’, and in practical videos, ‘The PFM Video Series for Walkers & Runners’ (The WujWum Series: Wake-Up-Joints-to-Wake-Up-Muscles).

I hope you find something useful you can use to help both yourself and perhaps others.

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