The Tech

OK … so, wait for it … ‘Serendipity HQ’ is home to this tech! I have THIS at my site!

Portland Athletics Center of Excellence (P.A.C.E) were the first in the world to install this revolutionary system and I am the THIRD in the world. Everything P.A.C.E can do, so can I. I’ll make my own video soon, but in the meantime, enjoy having your mind blown by this excellent summary!

  • 240 images per second to record movement of vertebral column and pelvis in 3D. To put that into perspective, all my clients were blown away with the previous Diers Motion Lab I operated 2015-19, which measured at a rate of 60 images per second; staggeringly impressive tech, but not fast enough for running analysis.
  • 5 cameras capture all angles, all limbs, the spine and the pelvis simultaneously. 6 second recordings, collecting an IMMENSE amount of data, mean we can measure and re-measure quickly and easily, and with comparison software, identify swiftly what is and isn’t changing. Subjective “I think I feel better” is replaced with objective “that area is now moving in the right direction”.
  • With lateral deviation of +/-4mm and +/-3 degrees of transverse plane deviation, the tech is more accurate than an X-ray (which is considered ‘precise’ at +/-5 degrees) … and records with this accuracy at speeds of up to 20kph.
  • Radiation-free, photo-optical tech that is safe for all.
  • Treadmill with integrated force plate and nearly 8000 pressure sensors; it recalibrates itself every 0.2 seconds to take account of the treadmill belt being affected by the arrival impact of the foot. Not all treadmills are equal!
  • When athletes get stuck in an injury rut, labels aren’t helpful. Jack Nicholson nailed it in ‘As Good As It Gets’ with the immortal line “I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water!” With this revolutionary tech, we can SEE AND MEASURE what’s happening, globally and accurately. Comparing standing to walking to running to sprinting (if necessary) and repeating the analysis again and again gives us the data to understand your body’s restrictions in order to provide movement solutions.
  • How I use the tech is explained here.
  • ‘Serendipity HQ’ prices are here.