What are WujWum-inars? As Russ said: “WujWums are the best running preparation I’ve ever done.  Everything feels lovely after doing them.  It’s amazing how many running-related niggles they help prevent.”

WujWumsWake UJoints to Wake UMuscles.

So, we bring Even With Your Shoes On to life, with a series of on-line workshops – WujWum-inars (pl-eeeese … I HAD to embrace my own acronym!) – continuing the journey of discovery that is “Letting Your Body Run You …”


A WujWum-inar is a packed-with-movement-information live 35 minute presentation costing £12 – it’s ACTIVE and you WON’T be sitting down! You’ll learn about where your body moves, where it doesn’t, how to help it move better, more smoothly and more comfortably … AND have fun (otherwise, what’s the point?). Depending on the slot you choose, you might decide to go for your run afterwards, putting all the exploratory work into practice!  I’d love that to be able to happen for you …

In order for each live session on the Zoom platform to be helpful and productive, efficient and effective, I have provided a closed FB group for your on-going questions, with a discussion thread for each WujWum-inar. 

Numbers will be initially limited and each week the theme will be repeated at several different times, to accommodate a few main global time zones.

Schedule For Series 1:


  • WujWum-inar #1: the pre-run warm-up.
  • WujWum-inar #2: exploring running efficiency via the ‘Golden Bowl’ in the sagittal (side view) plane.
  • WujWum-inar #3: exploring running efficiency via the ‘Golden Bowl’ in the frontal (left-right) plane.
  • WujWum-inar #4: exploring running efficiency via the ‘Golden Bowl’ in the transverse (twisting) plane’.
  • WujWum-inar #5: exploration drills for Hill Enjoyment!
  • WujWum-inar #6: exploration drills for Speed Enjoyment! 

On-Going WujWum-inars

Stand-alone WujWum-inars continue on a Friday, with the same class repeated 3 times: 1500 hrs, 1800 hrs and 2100 hrs. You do not have to have previously participated in any WujWum-inar in order to gain benefit from these movement explorations. Each week we’ll explore a different aspect of movement, from repetitive running injury sites to the usefulness of an interactive shoulder girdle!

And what did you say a WujWum was, again??

I introduce the WujWum on page 209 of #EWYSO, with every word written preceding this page leading us to it – the runners’ cache – and YOU are the key to this treasure chest of movement know-how.  

You have 4 prongs of understanding that come together to hit the unlocking mechanism:

  • Prong 1: Three planes of joint rotations are ours by the design of nature.
  • Prong 2: Exchange of soft tissue information flows through the joints and from the joints.
  • Prong 3: Optimising joint movement improves how easily we move.
  • Prong 4: Sensory awareness is a primary principle in using joints safely and constructively.

Some of you reading #EWYSO have already reported growing confidence in making good decisions for yourselves based on your body’s feedback and of an expanding sense of each part of your moving body; it CAN be an intuitive process.  Others have asked for more guidance, and here it is.