The Injury Clinic

Your body is a complete, communicative unit – even when it’s in pain and/or locked into a particular shape. Your bony framework is linked together with joints, providing the potential for effective, efficient, comfortable movement.

Now whilst the subject of human joint mechanics – or biomechanics to some – is endlessly complex, we can conceptualise it into elegant simplicity merely by swapping the word ‘joints’ for ‘doors’. If all those ‘doors’ throughout your body were wide open, you’d collapse to the floor with no integrity to your structural strength. On the other hand, if all your ‘doors’ were closed tight, you’d be rooted to the spot – all structural strength but no movement. Balance between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ is required, and that’s where the clinic comes in…

Perpetual Forward Motion Run Coaching

Whether you’re a pro or amateur athlete, if you’re looking to improve your running efficiency and generate more speed for no more effort, protect yourself from common running injuries, or get off the running plateau you’ve landed on, the unravelling of unhelpful movement patterns always starts in clinic. I have no idea yet why you’re moving as you currently are, and to be able to most effectively help you with any of the above, I need to understand your body better. Let’s measure everything that’s happening, because unless we’re objectively assessing, we’re guessing …

… and if you’ve already started reading “Even With Your Shoes On: discover your natural path to smooth, efficient, enjoyable running”, you may have catalogued some helpful correlations of your own.  Self-knowledge is self-empowerment: every athletes’ backbone.

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I’m Helen Hall, biomechanics analyst, author, runner and coach and my passion is to understand and teach biomechanically efficient motion. Using the latest in movement science and gait analysis technology I help people find solutions for their pain and injuries and teach people to run with more speed for less effort incurring fewer injuries in the process. I call it Perpetual Forward Motion and I’ve written a book about it called ‘Even With Your Shoes On – The Running Shift’.

My motto is “If you think you can do it – you probably can.”
(Inspired by The Holstee Manifesto)