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Those were the ACTUAL WORDS used by a so-called ‘professional’ to his patient (without the question mark!).

Given I knew both the lovely owner of these feet, and the fact he’d been happily wearing Vibram Fivefingers for a while now, I was wondering what kind of ‘incurable deformity’ he’d been secretly hiding.

Curled toes.  Enough to have started bothering the tips of his toe nails and therefore the associated nail beds.  And because he’s a keen trekker, he’d decided that it was time to find a solution.  That’s it.  Just curled toes … that had become more curled over the past 8 years or so.

To be told that the condition was ‘normal’ but an ‘incurable deformity’ was understandably disheartening.

I set to work.  Within 30 minutes or so, his toes had straightened and splayed nicely.  3 days later I checked in with him:

  • Yes, his feet still felt very happy; in fact he was still smiling because he’d been able to walk extra miles.

  • Yes, he was still as comfortable as he’d been when on the treadmill with me; in fact he was “a little bit more comfortable, if possible”.

  • Yes, he was happy for me to post the (principle of the) story so that others might have hope!

Don’t get written off folks.  Especially if you’ve been written off. 

 PS Those are my feet, not his!  Flexible foundations; amazingly, strongly, adaptably, functionally perfect with as many joints in each one as your spine has in total.  I’m a lucky girl 🙂

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