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Having watched 6 hours of TV coverage, roller-coastering with the struggles and triumphs of ALL the amazing folk who’d committed to 26.2 miles and made it across the VLM line, I ran this morning thinking about all those who didn’t make it either to the start or the finish line. I’ve had a (painful) DNS, a (even more painful) DNF and a DQ. These are the invisible badges of learning experience. And they hurt. They go on hurting far longer than the pain of an event, either during it or in any hobbling aftermath. That said, once we can think less emotively, there’s gold there to be noticed; notice stuff about how we think, how we move, how we approach these matters of importance to us and how we set about finding BETTER.

“A good indignation brings out all one’s powers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Inspired by 40000 movement activists, I noticed the joy of a short run; I’ve been running long at weekends for so long, the weeks have been spent walking to recover in time for the next adventure. I noticed that my L ankle avoids flexing in the way my R naturally does, which then helped me understand the slight grumpiness in my R hip … I’m back ‘there’ again. I noticed the drip of the wet off the trees onto the mushy fallen leaves, the still-strong sun filtering through the watery greenery, the blue sky, a fungus feeding happily off the trunk of a dead tree. I noticed how I ached for the simple things in life, how in diving down a rabbit hole of tech puzzles, I’d swaddled myself into thought and movement restrictions.

I needed to go back to the BASICS, repeated and expanded upon throughout the PFM WujWum Series of 6 – Part 1’s, and harped on about throughout #EWYSO. Having written the book and filmed the series does not make me immune to the movements they explore; I need them just as much as everyone else.

And so the journey continues … 👣 ♾🪶

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