Remote Help

Whilst I have the most advanced gait analysis tech in the world –
only the third of its kind and the ONLY one in the UK – not everyone can visit me in person.

Excerpt from Even With Your Shoes On:

“The irony of dubbing myself the ‘Queen of Efficiency, whilst spending much of my time introducing ways of transforming running habits one runner at a time, had become untenable … I find myself compelled to write this book, and walk as many runners as I can reach in one lifetime through a simple and progressive process to joyful – yes, JOYFUL – running efficiency. Not an airy-fairy joyful; this is a rarified state of being that I perceive as being generally missing in the running world at the moment. Running joy is what running efficiency generates.”

And whilst you might have a copy of EWYSO in your hands already, you may feel you want some extra help and guidance, particularly if you’ve had a repetitive cycle of injuries. Tech abounds to enable me to help you ‘virtually’.

“Let Your Body Run You”
Individual Help:

  • You email me your request for a virtual session and we sync diaries.
  • Your confirmation email will have details of the information I’ll need: photos and video footage, your full medical history and anything you want to share with me about your running, where you are in Even With Your Shoes On and what your sticking points are.
  • I analyse it all and create a working plan for your progress (this generally takes me 90 minutes).
  • We share a delightful 90 minutes ‘together’ via whatever video platform seems to have best connectivity, during which time I:
    • explain my findings,
    • help you understand what’s been holding you back in your running,
    • take you through the movement practices I feel will most help,
    • show you how to weave EWYSO into your current running schedule.
  • We repeat as many times as you want me with you on your running journey …

Cost: £275+VAT

‘Flowing’ Follow-Ups

(within 3 months of last session)

Cost: £120/hr + VAT

“Let Your Body Run You” Group Help:

  • Using the wonders of webinar-type contact, we ‘meet’ for a half-hour’s group workshop.
  • (After which, you might decide to go for your run – putting all the exploratory work into practice).
  • Numbers will be limited to 10, in order that the ‘virtual you’ is big enough for me to see you!
  • Workshop themes will listed on the schedule (pending), examples being:
    • Pre-run Warm Ups
    • Exploration Drills for Hill Enjoyment
    • Exploration Drills for Speed Enjoyment
    • Exploring Running Efficiency via the Sagittal Plane
    • Exploring Running Efficiency via the Frontal Plane
    • Putting It All Together!

Cost: £15+VAT

“Let Your Body Run You”
Monthly Programme

  • Following the initial consultation – whether in person or via Remote Help – this programme offers you the opportunity to connect with me weekly:
    • You send videos of whatever you’ve been practicing.
    • We connect virtually for a 30 minute session to work through my observations.
    • I progress you by either guiding you towards adjustments of existing drills or assigning new movement practices.

Cost: £275+VAT each month