Remote Help

Whilst I have the most advanced gait analysis tech in the world – one of four of its kind and the ONLY one in the UK – not everyone can visit me in person.

Excerpt from Even With Your Shoes On:

“The irony of dubbing myself the ‘Queen of Efficiency’, whilst spending much of my time introducing ways of transforming running habits one runner at a time, had become untenable … I find myself compelled to write this book, and walk as many runners as I can reach in one lifetime through a simple and progressive process to joyful – yes, JOYFUL – running efficiency. Not an airy-fairy joyful; this is a rarified state of being that I perceive as being generally missing in the running world at the moment. Running joy is what running efficiency generates.”

And whilst you might have a copy of EWYSO in your hands already, you may feel you want some extra help and guidance, particularly if you’ve had a repetitive cycle of injuries. Tech abounds to enable me to help you ‘virtually’.

“Let Your Body Run You” PREMIUM Remote Help:

You can’t reach me in person, but you’d love as much as I can give you, from wherever YOU are in The World.

I’ll need:

  1. full-body standing photos from front, back and both sides.  Include head AND (bare) feet, preferably just wearing shorts and bra (if applicable).
  2. a few seconds of video of you walking away from the camera, towards the camera and across the camera from both directions.  Again – whole body – just a few steps … if you walk too far away from the camera I can’t see anything!
  3. a few seconds of running video (as above, if applicable)
Your confirmation email will have details of everything else I’ll need: your full medical history and anything you want to share with me about your running, where you are in Even With Your Shoes On and what your sticking points are.

I analyse it all and create a working plan for your progress (my homework before I give you yours!).

We share a delightful 90 minutes ‘together’ via Zoom, and we repeat as many times as you want me with you on your walking/running journey …

Click here to book this option.

“The PFM WujWum Series of 6” to support your movement journey through #EWYSO