Perpetual Forward Motion Running

Pain-free and efficient running
for improved speed and endurance

Whether you’re:

  • at the beginning of your running journey
  • looking to improve your running efficiency and generate more speed for no more effort
  • protect yourself from common running injuries, or get off the running plateau you’ve landed on,

the unravelling of unhelpful movement patterns always start in clinic. I have no idea yet why you’re moving as you currently are, and to be able to most effectively help you with any of the above, I need to understand your body better. If we measure everything that’s happening, we only need to do it once. Cutting corners gets messy. You are fully involved during the biomechanical analysis (Clinic ) as self-awareness is key to changing movement patterns for the better.

To run most comfortably, effortlessly and efficiently – in the words of Feldenkrais – is to “make more use of the feedback provided by [your] senses”.

I am the founder of Perpetual Forward Motion Efficient Running Coaching and one of my favourite things in life is introducing the joy of great running to newcomers and bringing back the joy of running to frustrated athletes. I have decades of running experience and an ability to convey movement concepts so that they are easily understood and implemented. Running and helping people enjoy their running is what puts a smile on my face – always has and I suspect it always will.

This short excerpt from my book “Even With Your Shoes On – The Running Shift” might be helpful:

There is no ‘Helen Hall Method of Running’. How arrogant would that be? What I aim to disseminate … is ‘Our Way’ of running. Given the unambiguous and calculable nature in which each joint rotates in all its dimensions (mainly 3!), every bit of every step is describable, internally palpable and replicable. We have efficiencies of movement encrypted into the shape of our bones, the articulations of our joints, the interwoven nature of the soft tissues and within the responses to activity of our changing, living brain.

Efficient Running is a ‘look’ to the observer and a ‘sense’ to the person; a look that exemplifies elegance and efficiency of movement; and a sense of reflecting relaxation and an absence of effort. A body in harmony, gliding across the ground. We all have the ability to recreate that.

Whilst we may have overlain a few habits borne of avoiding invisible lines of tension we had no idea we had, we can – and if efficient movement is the goal, we should – unravel them.

I am Perpetual Forward Motion, inspired by the words of my favourite Raramuri proverb, engraved on my 50th birthday bracelet gifted to me for my 5th Ironman event in Nice, France:

“When you run on the earth and with the earth, you can run forever.”

Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, so let’s get going …

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